Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Spring Up to the New Season!

Spring is here! 

Wait. It's only February. What do you mean "Spring is here"? 

Welcome to the Asian Medical Calendar. In Asian medicine, the seasons fall according to the "energy" of a season, so typically you're getting the first hint of a season when the season changes (as opposed to the Roman calendar where you're generally at the zenith of a season before we consider it officially here). 

So it's spring now, when the first plants are waking up and pushing out of the ground. And when we humans first start to feel the itch to do stuff, especially outside stuff. One of the best ways to know it's spring is when the home improvement stores are full of people buying gardening supplies.

In other words: now.

In Asian medicine, spring is a time for action. It is associated with the Wood element in the Five Element system, and also includes things pertaining to muscles, tendons, things that happen on a schedule in the body (sleep, hunger, menstrual cycles, and other functions, often strongly associated with the endocrine system). It is considered influential in our ability to take action, to plan, to be creative, and to defend ourselves and feel angry when our boundaries are violated.

Now is the time to act on your hopes dreams and aspirations. If by chance, you missed my video and blog on resolutions, and haven't made quiet time to really reflect on what you want, you can make some time to evaluate your resolutions from January and make sure they are really what YOU want, not something you have been fed by the people and culture around you. Once you're sure of whay you want, this is the season to move towards those goals.

If you would like help with a health issue that's become more complicated in spring, or would like to find more clarity in using the energy of spring as you move through your life and goals, I am happy to help. I offer acupuncture, herbal therapy, as well as health and life coaching. I would be honored to help you on your journey.