Slow Paths Wellness Services

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Slow Paths Wellness works with you to build a treatment plan that fits your treatment goals, finances, and schedule.

New Patient Visit: $250

Treatment Plan Consult (2nd visit): $

($50 discount if 2nd visit is prepaid at first visit)

Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, and Herbal Visits may be scheduled after the New Patient and Treatment Plan Consult are completed

Includes:  Full intake, introductory acupuncture treatment (to allow you to see how acupuncture feels in my practice, herbal consultation (herbal formulas are an extra charge). After the Initial Visit, we will schedule an Extended Visit to go over the Relish Change Treatment Plan and do your first focused acupuncture visit.

Regular Visit: $125 (approx. 60 minutes)

Includes: Interview, acupuncture treatment, herbal consultation (herbal formulas are an extra charge)

Ear Acupuncture: $60

Ear acupuncture uses the principles of acupuncture, but treatment is limited to the ears. Treatments usually take about 20 minutes. Ear acupuncture is offered for general well-being, and for emotional balance. Regular acupuncture, herbal treatment, or coaching is recommended as the primary therapy for chronic issues, with ear acupuncture as an occasional adjunct.

Ear Seeds              

Ear seeds are tiny stainless steel or titanium balls that can be placed on the ears and worn home. The seeds do not break the skin, but need to be removed and changed out regularly. Ear seeds are offered only to established patients, usually in conjunction with other therapies.

Herb PicHerbal Consultation

Herbal Consultations are included in the price of an acupuncture or 1-hour or longer Functional Medicine Coaching visit.  If you would like an herbal consultation only, the cost of the consultation is $100 for a 30-minute consultation. Herbal formulas are typically custom blended and are an extra charge ranging from approximately $40-200 per prescription which typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

Transformative Treatment: $350

90-minute visit includes visit intake/consult, mindfulness session that can include acupuncture/acupressure/coaching

Coaching: (Mindfulness, Wellness, Functional Medicine, Personal Growth) :

90 minutes (usually Functional Medicine Coaching)


One hour


30 minutes


15 minutes


Coaching Packages

Price varies

Wellness Coaching

Coaching sessions use proven coaching techniques and principles of Asian medicine to address health concerns. Face-to-face and telehealth appointments are available.

Functional Medicine Coaching

Functional medicine coaching includes an full intake and subsequent visits will go over treatment recommendations, ask questions, give lifestyle, supplement, and testing recommendations to seek to balance the body's systems to work harmoniously together. Many people find as their different body systems began to work properly, chronic health conditions improve or disappear. 

Personal Growth Coaching
Coaching to help you develop a peaceful effective life. Slow Paths Wellness emphasizes mindfulness and healthy boundary development while helping clients with goal setting, emotional equilibrium, and compassionate self-care.